In fueling a greener tomorrow by producing modern eco-friendly cooking and heating charcoal from wastes and recycled materials for homes and industries.

Our vision

Producing and supplying sustainable renewable and green energy in the form of biomass briquettes made from wastes.

Our Mission

To facilitate the shift from unsustainable traditional fuel to modern eco-friendly fuel use for all Malawian homes, households and industries.


To provide low-income families with alternative and clean sources of cooking energy in their homes


Recycling different Agriculture waste to provide charcoal briquettes which is basically a smokeless form of charcoal and to distribute it at a very low cost to low income families


Briquettes are being used in:

Homes, Hotels and Restaurants

Many Hotels and restaurants are acquainted and excited with Malasha Briquettes due its longevity in burning. It is a fact that braai from briquettes tastes nicer than from other alternative source of energy. Boiling beans and Mang’ina/ziboda in restaurants has also been simplified, as it does not require addition of briquettes
when cooking

Industries and Brooders

Malasha Briquettes have emerged as a superior alternative to traditional sources of heat generation such as charcoal, coal, and even electricity, particularly in industrial fuel applications like steam era boilers, heating facilities, and drying processes, including warming chicken houses. Renowned for their high calorific value and prolonged burning duration, Malasha Briquettes are increasingly favored by poultry farmers, especially during the winter season, over other alternatives.

Educational Institutions:

several schools have shown interest in using Malasha Briquettes than wood. According to 2020 database, only for Lilongwe we have been supplying to five boarding schools and one Nursery school continuously. It should be understood that in most of these schools both the management and chefs; Malasha have proved as the best for them to save their money used to buy wood but also to the chefs, it
is very convenient and easy to use as compared to wood.

our Partners